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People are different in many ways. Some of the differences that occur among the people are interests, goals, decision making to name a few. People become interested in many things. Passion and interest are like twins. People become interested differently when it comes to social, political, and economic matters. The difference in interest is for an example seen during career choices. Interest and passion are mostly influenced by the environment we occupy in our life.


 Children for an example who are brought up in industrialized countries develop that passion and interest of becoming researchers. People are also different when it comes to setting goals. There are long term and short term goals that can be put by an individual. Setting goals are dependent on the type of activity one carries out. Goals help individuals to be motivated always. It has also been known for people to be different when it comes to making decisions. People are always accountable when it comes to decision making. There are those who may be right while others wrong when making decisions. 


People are always imperfect when it comes to everything. Imperfection does not mean that the life of beings can fall apart. Flaws of human beings can be considered to be normal when it does not lead to severe problems. Laziness for an example is considered to be one of the human flaws that can be worked upon to produce positive results. Some of the human imperfections can lead to harmful results if not handled. This makes it necessary to have life coaches. Life coaches are professional persons entitled in inspiring and motivating individuals in their life. People need support to be able to do better in their matters of life. Life coaches Newfield Network assist mostly in matters of career and challenges of life. Clients for an instance who undergo life coaching process normally achieve their occupation goals faster than others. 


There are various steps that are followed by life coaches when coaching their clients. A personal development training coach first listens to their client's problems. Listening has been known to take the longest time in life coaching process. Listening helps the coach to determine the kind of problem their client is having. The second thing that a life coach does is to ask their clients some questions on the topic and out of topic. The final step for life coach is clarifying the asked questions and making the clients to make their own decisions on the problem. Clients are always held accountable for the decision they make after being coached.